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About Pivotal Growth Inc.

Pivotal Growth leverages technology-based methodology to collect critical leadership insights and actions. Pivotal Growth Diagnostic is our proprietary diagnostic tool designed for corporations. It gathers people data to expand leadership capacity.

Qualitative and quantitative data is linked to the critical performance attributes and dimensions of leaders. Pivotal Growth Diagnostic is a scalable, efficient and effective approach to generate baseline measures, and to re-measure leadership development. The insights go beyond the traditional personality assessments and are more usable, especially when focused on teams, action plans and results.

Using technology, methodology and data, we help companies define strengths, assess gaps and make people decisions. We help you connect the human side of your company with the business side of performance. Pivotal Growth data, insights, consultation, and methodology culminate in companies being able to arrive at the best decisions, including making the right people-focused investments.

Pivotal Growth has a people focus that is fact based. We take the guesswork out understanding how your team and leaders see performance capabilities.

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