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Accelerating leadership impact through customized feedback


To follow-up your Pivotal Leadership Diagnostic Action Plan change and practice , you'll next want to collect feedback on how others are experiencing you. The more senior and successful you are, the greater the constraints are to accessing essential feedback. Most leaders aren’t getting the feedback that benefits their doing their best work. Many leaders have a blind spot that they can benefit from learning more about. A vibrant and accurate feedback loop is an essential pillar to high-impact leadership.


We hear from high-performance leaders the disdain they hold for the off-the-shelf feedback. The current insights they are getting aren’t enough for them to create meaningful change.


We offer customized feedback that is powered by our leadership diagnostic, which actively engages the leader in the process. Our feedback approach includes co-selected questions. We gather and summarize the essential insights from up to 50 respondents. We leverage technology to extract essential trends and correlations.


A custom feedback exercise will provide:

  • Insights and data to realize accurate self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Validate the leader persona attributes to develop or evolve your leadership brand
  • Data-informed assessment on how others experience your leadership presence
  • Validated input about your leadership capacity potential

360 Reviews: Pivotal Feedback

    • 30-minute planning call
    • Baseline assessment with Pivotal Leadership Diagnostic (4 drivers and more than 20 dimensions) and TAIS personality assessment
    • 90-minute personalized diagnostic reporting and 1:1 executive coach debrief of leadership strengths, development opportunities and under pressure performance style
    • Confirmation of areas for feedback and question prioritization (10-12 questions)
    • Leader Performance Feedback diagnostic tool deployed to selected respondents. Up to 20 people provide qualitative and quantitative feedback
    • 90-minute report review, debrief and action planning
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