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Taking the guesswork out of driving leadership performance


We see leadership as an essential driver of growth. That’s why we focus on enlightening leaders and driving change. We get companies, leaders and teams clear on what to focus on, as well as what leadership development to invest in. 

Following hundreds of leadership development consulting hours, we developed Pivotal Diagnostics. This is a proprietary diagnostic tool to help leaders and companies access insights and data around the relevant soft skills for leadership impact. The output of a prioritized action plan is what shifts momentum from insights to action and, ultimately, results.


Leveraging technology and data analytics, our Pivotal Team Diagnostic helps companies get an accurate view of the current state of their teams. Our tool targets impact areas, such as growth mindset, confidence levels, engagement, resilience, change leadership, high-performing teams, hybrid work and effective communication. The team insights generated by our diagnostics focuses on team execution and performance. 


Pivotal Team Diagnostics will:

  • Replace expensive consulting hours with a technology-enabled, data-gathering solution

  • Generate current state insights to understand a team’s readiness to perform

  • Develop a strengths-based lens 

  • Focus leadership development on high-impact areas

  • Accelerate a leader’s and team’s agreement on where to focus efforts

  • Generate people and team benchmarks, and enable ongoing measurement 

  • Create customized team action plans that connect goals to results

  • Effectively inform leadership development programming through a data-backed and a needs-based approach


Pivotal Growth combines human-powered experience and technology-powered analytics to give leaders provocative insights that inspire growth.


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Measuring Team Dynamics: Pivotal Team Diagnostics

    • Supporting leadership insights for teams of 5-8 people
    • Engaging with executive sponsor to assess leadership impact objectives 

    • Confirming and reviewing leadership effectiveness measurements

    • Fine tuning diagnostic measurement methodology (if needed)

    • Communicating and launching baseline assessment with the team

    • Deploying a customized baseline measurement tool

    • Leveraging a coach consultant’s data review, interpretation and insights summary

    • Reviewing reporting, recommendations and a prioritized action plan with a coach consultant

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