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About Pivotal Growth Inc.

Enlightening leaders.
Driving transformational change.

Pivotal Growth was founded in 2016 to provide services to executives optimistic and ambitious about growth. Through intimate work with senior leaders, our company has evolved from an executive coaching services company to a leadership development consulting firm.
Our technology enabled consulting and implementation work sees us supporting North American multination
als and high-growth tech companies.

Pivotal Growth combines human-powered experience and technology-powered analytics to give companies provocative leadership insights that inspire growth. Our unique data-driven approach gets to the heart of individual and team leadership strengths, and prioritize
s areas for development.

The results we deliver: objective diagnostics and custom action plans that empower companies to gain deep knowledge of their leaders, teams and execute for impactful results within their companies.


Pivotal Growth is an ally to senior leaders by being curious, perceptive and empathetic. 

When we work with clients, we strive to embody the deep understanding of a seasoned insider, and the no-nonsense objectivity of an outsider. 

We deliver exceptional experience and transformative results with values anchored in:


Connection: We believe in thoughtful understanding of a leader, their business and company culture. 


Data Driven: We provide a consistent, high-quality experience by front-loading a diagnostic approach. Our highly tailored approach sees us meeting leaders exactly where they are, and drives them forward.


Insight: Senior leaders are short on time. We quickly gain a thorough understanding of who leaders are. Clients value that we speak their language, and avoid complex, overly emotional, or gimmicky approaches.


Transformation: We harness the power of technology to provide a transformational client experience. Our decades of experience lets us deliver it in a way that provokes and engages our clients for bold results.

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