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Pivotal Growth Diagnostics

When leadership is a driver of growth, measuring leadership effectiveness is crucial.








We work with companies to help them take the guesswork out of understanding leadership effectiveness. Our methodology gets leaders and teams clear on what to focus on plus what leadership development to invest in. At Pivotal Growth, we see leadership as the essential driver of growth. We believe leadership is the first, and most important focus, to influence culture, work process, execution and results.

We have taken decades of leadership development experience at the operational level and transformed it into industry leading leadership development solutions.


Our efficient and effective solutions get to the heart of leaders’ strengths and areas for growth.

What we deliver: a powerful, objective diagnostic that helps companies gain transformative insights, quickly determine actions and execute on results.

Our proprietary diagnostic tool helps companies accelerate insights and data around the hardest leadership effectiveness skill to master: soft skills. Our suite of proprietary diagnostic tools target impact areas, such as mindset, personality, behavioural indicators, interpersonal, EQ, competencies, change adeptness and confidence. The qualitative and quantitate people insights generated by our diagnostics focus on increasing leadership capacity and the path to achieving performance results.

We give you data-backed, prioritized and validated action plans that take you from insights to action and, ultimately, results.

The Impact of Pivotal Diagnostics

1.  Replaces expensive consulting with a technology enabled data-gathering solution

2. Generates insights, including AI outputs, to understand a team’s readiness to perform

3. Develops a strengths-based lens

4. Focuses leadership development on high-impact areas

5. Accelerates agreement on where to focus people investments and efforts

6. Produces additional people and team benchmarks

7. Creates customized individual and team action plans

8. Informs leadership development programming with a data-backed, needs-based approach

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Technology​ Behind Pivotal Diagnostics

Our diagnostic product is hosted by Knorket, which is an operating system for Experience Orchestration (ExO). Their AI platform orchestrates Machine + Method + Mind through a marketplace-first ecosystem. This enables real-time, experiential insight with ease, elegance and effectiveness.

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Pivotal Diagnostics has been incredibly valuable to our leadership team for really knowing where we have expertise and where we need to lean in and shore up. The tool helped us understand the team’s overall leadership style, competencies, and soft spots. The self-awareness and awareness about our colleagues that was gained created the permission and the ability for us to move forward. Six-months later, growth and fixed mindset have become a foundation of the team. Knowing where we are helps to keep ourselves, our teams and each other on track. The use of white space became important to us and to our vision and strategy work!  This tool really helped each of us to understand how we show up as a team and how we do our best work. 

VP Canada, Financial Services 

Our customers bought Pivotal Diagnostics because:


You can't be a successful leader if you don't know how you show up. You also can't improve if you don't have a baseline.

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