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Would You Follow You?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A woman leader standing in front of her team, explaining something to them

Role modelling has played a very important part of our lives. I bet you can quickly call to mind your own influential role models. These influential people span both our personal and professional lives. So where does role modelling fit in your life today? Are you one, and do you have one?

Last week I attended a meeting where several attendees arrived late. The leader, and host, of the meeting was visibly annoyed by their lateness. His reaction seemed a little unreasonable given he himself was notorious for showing up late. One may argue that his team should know the right way to show up for a meeting, but one may counter to say that if it’s OK for you to arrive late, then it’s OK for me to arrive late. This leader wasn’t aware of how his own behaviour was influencing his team. This situation made me wonder where else in the team dynamics were they patterning his behaviours, good and potentially bad.

Over the next few weeks, as you greet your team and colleagues, join conference calls, attend meetings, pause, reflect and consider your answer to these questions:

  • How did I show up?

  • Did they see the leader I want to be?

  • What mindset did I use?

  • What energy did I convey?

  • Did I give the exchange my all?

  • Did I check my phone while in the meeting?

  • How I did demonstrate my support and enagement?

  • What was the one bold or positively disruptive contribution I provided?

  • Did what I say and how I acted align with what I tell my team to do?

  • Did I align with our company culture and values?

  • How was I helpful?

  • How will I follow through and follow-up?

  • What’s the one thing I could have done differently?

A number of years ago, I had a conversation with an executive who was a mentor to many. What made him sought after was his intentional approach to leadership and a strong awareness of his leadership style. His personal gauge was to ask himself the question:“Would you follow you?”

I ask you the same question: Would you follow you?

Take this opportunity to be even more to your company, your team and yourself.

Don’t hold back!


Headshot of Lisa Haydon

Lisa W. Haydon is a business leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years of operational experience leading teams in banking, capital markets, technology and professional services. Lisa’s instinct for sorting through business complexities, understanding distinctive leader personalities, and realizing results compelled her to leave a corporate career and become an entrepreneur.

Her company, Pivotal Growth, introduced a technology tool for leadership development assessment and planning. The suite of tools offers diagnostic capabilities to synthesize and accelerate people performance.

Lisa’s skills and the Pivotal Growth product help companies enhance their performance and support leaders achieving greater confidence and success.

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