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Pivotal Growth’s System for Success is the framework that supports executing your Write Your Future plan. Here’s the framework to build your own personal operating system. Systems are essential to the success of a business, personal systems are equally important.

Personal systems take intention to develop as they are unique to you. They need to align with your personality and your work. Enjoy reflection, visioning and planning.

  1. A vision: Look to the future and plan how you want it to be

  2. The destination: Design strategy, goals, and aspired leadership brand

  3. Prioritized success drivers: Identify the systems, process, and personality attributes to leverage

  4. An action plan: Prioritization of goals, drivers and work to be done

  5. Execute on change and activities: Focusing on activities such as learning, practice, training, coaching, and mentoring

  6. Evaluate and practice: Check and re-check with self-assessment and formal and informal feedback

  7. Plan reflection and measurement: Assess qualitative and quantitative measures of success


“The future depends on what you do today.” - Mahatma Gandhi

A Vision: Refresh your personal and professional 10-year vision. 

            Chart your course  to access your dreams and ambitions. 


A Destination: Get clear on your strategy, goals and leadership brand. 

            Write a success statement and goals. A vision or plan without goals remain just that, so write your future.


Prioritized Success Drivers: Identify the systems, process, and attributes to leverage. We’ve provided recommended drivers on next pages.


An action plan: Consider how you prioritize a plan including essential elements of execution such as:

            Mindset for Success: Is Your Mind Set or Do You Have Mindset

            Being Resilient: Thriving and Surviving in Leadership

            Time Management: Spending Time vs Investing Time

            Planning Your Ideal Week: Modelling Your Return on Time

            Executing for Success: Finding the Courage to Be Bold


Evaluate and Practice: Check and re-check with self-assessment and feedback, formal and informal.

            Collect feedback to validate strengths and development areas: Custom Feedback Work

Reflection and Measurement: Create qualitative and quantitative measures of success.

            Refer and refresh leadership assessment insights: Leadership Diagnostics Report and Action Plan

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