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Join Us in Shaping the Future of Leadership

At Pivotal Growth, we're not just redefining leadership; we're shaping its future. As we embark on a new era of leadership development, we're in search of a dynamic professional to take on the role of

Assistant Vice President Leadership Development Consulting.

The Career You've Been Waiting For:

This isn't just another career opportunity; it's a chance to leave your mark, disrupt conventional practices, and contribute to the evolution of leadership development. As our AVP Leadership Development Consulting, you'll be at the helm of a transformative strategy.

Your Mission at PGI:

Become a key player in crossover leadership, reshaping businesses, and navigating the transition from Gen X to millennials. Your mission is to bring a forward-thinking approach to fuel the next generation of leadership strategies.


Your Impact

Your influence goes beyond the workplace; it shapes leadership excellence that transcends industries and generations. This isn't just a career opportunity; it's a chance to disrupt conventional practices and contribute to the evolution of data-driven leadership development.


What You Can Expect at PGI

  • Coaching Culture: Experience and utilize executive coaching methodologies to achieve results.

  • Cutting-Edge Training: Stay at the forefront of leadership development with state-of-the-art training.

  • Mentorship: Benefit from experienced team members dedicated to supporting your success.

  • Experiential Learning: Gain hands-on experience in innovative and technology-enabled leadership solutions.

  • Collaborative Work Style: Be a key contributor to our mission to redefine leadership.

What PGI Offers:

  • Work/Life Balance: Five weeks of company-wide paid vacation time to prioritize well-being.

  • Leadership Coaching: Support in the first six months to ensure your success.

  • Remote Work Flexibility: Embrace flexibility with remote work for those in Eastern and Atlantic time zones.

  • Equity and Diversity: Commitment to equity and diversity, recognizing the unique contributions of each team member.

Being Part of Our Team:

At Pivotal Growth, we understand the aspirations and ambitions of emerging leaders. Our employment experience is designed to enrich your professional growth with diverse experiences.


Application Instructions:

Email your interest to and we'll send you the details about the role.


Are you ready to shape tomorrow's leadership landscape? Apply now and join the journey!

Unlock your leadership potential.

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