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Accelerating self-knowledge, self-awareness and leadership development planning


Leaders have a DNA that makes them great leaders . The attributes of their DNA hardwire them to reach for higher levels of their leadership capacity. How a leader shows up under stress can create very different results in their performance and persuasion.


We developed the Pivotal Leadership Diagnostic to take a broader look at leadership mindset, capabilities and competencies. The Diagnostic consists of a group of leader-tested drivers and dimensions that includes change adaptability, under pressure personality, strategy and communication measurements. The diagnostic produces strengths-based insights and an action plan.


This self-knowledge work uncovers blind spots and professional development needs. The diagnostic report and its 1:1 interpretation accelerate the generation of a prioritized leadership development plan.




Baseline Assessments: Pivotal Leadership Diagnostic

    • 30-minute planning meeting
    • Baseline assessment with Pivotal Leadership Diagnostic (4 drivers and more than 20 dimensions) and TAIS under pressure personality assessment
    • 90-minute personalized diagnostic reporting and 1:1 executive coach debrief of leadership strengths, development opportunities and under pressure performance style
    • Custom action plan development, executive coach tips and supporting resources
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